Monday, November 05, 2012

What Not To Do Tomorrow

So, tomorrow (November 6, 2012) is my favorite day ever... Or at least for the next - and last - four years. Election Day; or as I like to call it "The Liars' Last Stand". Notice that apostrophe? That is exactly where I wanted it.

They are all liars. They are all going to say exactly what they think the people who are already going to vote for them want to hear. More to the point; they say the things their financial backers want to hear. But, I digress... More on how I want our political system to work in a later post.

What I want to do here is tell you what not to do on and shortly before election days.

1. Don't vote for a President or U.S. Congressional representative based on social issues - Whether Chelsea Handler likes it or not - neither the President, nor any part of the Federal Government, is supposed to be spending any time on these issues. The Feds are - according to the constitution - supposed to handle:
a) Defense, foreign relations, international trade, and interstate commerce
b) The protection of constitutional rights and ensuring that slavery remains illegal
c) Establish federal courts sub-SCOTUS
d) Copyright protection
e) Currency minting and insurance
f) Establishing post offices and postal routes
g) Establishing a national system of weights and measures
h ) Taxation not to exceed what is needed to perform these functions

Do you see anything about abortion, same-sex marriage, prayer in school or a national health care system in there? No you do not. The Constitution leaves all that is not covered here to State and local governments' jurisdictions. NOTE: You also do not see anything about education in there, the U.S. Dept of Education has spent BILLIONS of our tax dollars to make our schools worse, and it shouldn't even exist according to the Constitution.

 2. If you are unsatisfied with the way your current representatives are "performing", Don't vote for incumbents or strictly with one party or the other. The reason NOTHING is getting done in Washington (and in my case, Springfield) is that they WON'T compromise. If you ONLY vote for one party or the other, or keep voting in the same yahoos, it will never change. Think of it this way; since we pay their salaries, we are their bosses, and we can FIRE them if we feel they are doing a bad job. But you have to be brave enough to vote for "the other guy", and if he/she stinks too... You're Fired. Massive turnover - especially in Congress - will get their attention.

3. Don't vote for the lesser of two evils if you don't want to. You can write-in anyone who would be eligible to hold that office. Vote for third party candidates if they aren't too goofy. Speaking of Goofy, don't write-in Mickey Mouse or any fictional characters - it voids your entire ballot in many states.

4. Don't "go with the polls". What are you, a lemming? Do some research, most of the time it doesn't take a lot of effort to find where candidates stand. Polls can pretty much come up with any answer they like; does the "bad" part of your city have the same telephone prefix as the "rich" side? Pollsters know what numbers to dial to get certain answers.

5. Don't listen to the "I've got the experience" line. Are the "People Who Know How Washington Works" doing us a whole lot of good? How could anyone do worse than what we've had lately?

6. Don't watch the news until AFTER you have voted. One reason many people don't vote, is that winners are being "Projected" as soon as we get home from work. Sometimes with as few as 2-4% of precincts reporting... Really? Do like ol' St00bert, and vote at 7 am. I got your projections right here, news bitches.


7. Don't stay home! Go to your designated polling place and VOTE. You and I can change everything that's happening in Washington, Springfield, your County Seat, where ever. But we have to stop being afraid to vote outside "Party Lines", stop being lemmings, stop voting for who our favorite Hollywood type tells us to, and stop acting like this is the way it's supposed to be!

Peace, Love and hanging chads,

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

And I Came Here By Choice...

So my good friend Lori posted THIS on a Facebook group we are both part of...

Ahh, Illinois... The Prairie State - The Land of Lincoln... The largest cess pool of corrupt politicians and their parasites (lobbyists) in the United States. As you may know, I moved here for the love of my wife a little over 12 years ago... Love only goes so far.

If the linked article sees a bit lengthy, I'll give a quick overview; Two Illinois Teachers' Union lobbyists took advantage of inside info on a bill that was moving through the State Houses. This bill contained a provision for Union employees to put their years of service as non-teachers toward collecting FULL teachers' pensions. All they had to do was get their teaching certificates and substitute for ONE DAY. One of them will be eligible to collect over $100,000 a year for the rest of his life - from a pension fund that is BILLIONS underfunded. If you didn't read the article - in the Chicago Tribune of all places - it says most teachers' pensions are less than half that... REAL teachers I mean. It also kind of floors me that the Trib would rat-out fellow Libs... GOOD ON YA', TRIB!!!

The other thing in the article that really steams my rice, is the amount of money the Union is handing out to their Dem friends in campaign donations... Umm... Maybe pay the pensions you're responsible for, then worry about back-scratching? No? That's kinda what I figured. Why do Dems in this state even need campaign funds? All you need is a 15 second spot on WGN where you say: "More LINK cards... I'm _______, and I approved this ad..." GUARANTEED WIN!!! So what you're really doing is lining more pockets, greasing more machinery, throwing money away that you could be using to at least slow the bleeding.

Poor teachers. Probably the most important non police-fire-soldier job there is, low starting pay, deal with parents, deal with bad kids ruining it for good kids, oh don't forget the educating our future leaders part... But you get your summers off - sort of. Unfortunately for the teachers, they hitched themselves to the wrong wagon, and now owe their souls to their Union masters. Masters, by the way, who are now double dipping into your already dried-up well.

So, if you're lookin' for me in the winter of 2013-14, I'll be on a golf course somewhere in Arizona with my wife and our matching Springfield XDm's - although open carrying may alter my swing a bit - wondering why I put up with two more of those stupid upper Midwest winters... Well, I did promise my current Jr Tackle team I'd take them through their 8th grade season before I retire, and our daughter doesn't graduate until 2013... If Illinois can still support what little educational system it has left by then.

BTW... Our Beloved Chairma... I mean, current President is an Illinois politician... Can you say 'Microcosm' boys and girls?

Peace, Love, and "The Wheels on the Bus Go 'Round and 'Round"


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Is THIS in Your Jobs Bill Barry?

So, you make GE Chairman Jeff Immelt your "Jobs Czar"... Sounds prudent, leader of a really big corporation, business savvy, a real go-getter, right?

So why is it your Jobs Guru is moving GE Medical's HQ out of my hometown (Waukesha, WI) to send it to Beijing, China? Is his title supposed to be "Jobs for China Czar"?

And while we're on GE, how much corporate tax did GE pay last year? NONE. This is because GE hires accountants who were previously IRS agents and bean counters - They know every loophole, every back door.

So, Barry... Your HAND-PICKED cabinet member is a rich guy who paid no taxes last year AND is shipping American jobs over to China? Sounds very much like many of the people you claim to be against... Sounds like you're taking care of the top 1% just as well as "W" ever did, huh?

Now, I read all the stories about how this isn't going to affect jobs here "Just moving a handful of executives..." wasn't it? Ask the people at Fellowes how that worked out for them

That was just part of the raping the Chinese put on Fellowes, all the plans, tooling, and facilities were basically stolen from Fellowes by the Chinese. So think again on that whole "Not going to affect jobs here" thing. Barry is selling us out to China as much as - if not more than - "W" or BJ ever did.

Whether you want to face it or not, everything our government is doing right now is pretty much the opposite of creating jobs. You see, if we actually did the things that create jobs, less of us would need the government to supply our livelihoods. The less we need the government, the less power the government has over us... This does not work when you are trying to build a socialist state, which you are, Barry; I don't buy what your friends in the media are trying to sell me.

This may be semi-old news, but when you put it together with Barry's 450 Billion dollar "jobs" bill, the unbelievable failure we call "Stimulus", AND the fact that - even with two years of super-majority - Barry, Nancy and Harry didn't get the Bush tax cuts dropped, you kind of start to see a plan coming together, don't ya?

We are being duped, all day - every day. The only real answer is true transparency. Flat taxes, no loopholes or back doors. I'm not too hip on the 9-9-9 plan Cain is pushing, but Steve Forbes' 15% income and 15% corporate tax plan did make alot of sense. The problem is, the IRS and its HUGE ball of red tape is a nice hiding place for our Reps' misappropriation of our money; so people like Forbes and Cain are portrayed as Loons, and the media goes along with it because they have been promised that they will get to keep their high standing once the Socialist State is in full swing.

I know, I sound like one of those conspiracy kooks... But ask yourself: Why wouldn't we have a flat tax? Why do we continue printing worthless money? Why do we keep passing legislation that we CAN'T pay for? How could it possibly be bad to not need 1000 page tax codes, and the thousands of salaries that our tax dollars pay that we could cut loose with a flat tax? Why would a President, who claims to be all about us little guys, be pushing people and programs down our throats that will only make us even littler guys?

Waukesha beware; the President who railed against "W"s "Shipping Jobs Overseas" policies, is putting his hypocrisy on display and you can bet it won't stop with "A handful of executives".

Peace, Love and Playing Both Sides,


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How many is enough, Barry?

Tonight my two faithful readers, I am not talking to Chairman Oba-Mao. I am not talking to Mr. Hopey Changey. I am talking to the Commander-In-Chief of the United States military - in particular, the Commander-In-Chief of United States Naval Forces - in particular, the naval forces off the coast of Somalia.

How many dead Americans is enough for you to show Billy BJ Clinton how things should have been done in Somalia in the first place? Or are you just like BJ? Are you gonna hide behind Billy's old "Its a legal matter, not a Military matter" excuse? The pirates launched an RPG at an American warship... Not an act of war? You gonna let the pirates kill a few thousand like Osama did when Billy wouldn't man-up and take it, when two countries offered OBL's head on a platter three times? Then hide behind false disgust when a reporter dares to question you about it, just like Billy BJ? Just to let you know, when they are doing your video deposition, IS doesn't have a definition... It just says "see; be".

Lately, and with much vomit on my end, you have been attempting to invoke the spirit of Ronald Regan. Having served for this true Commander-In-Chief in the Navy, I can tell you that this situation would have been made a memory right after the Maersk Alabama incedent... And I mean RIGHT after. Like it or not, Ron had a knack for immediate and slightly beyond proportional responses. Mr Qadaffi can attest to that... Funny how that old POS hass popped back on to the scene, huh?

Listen, you know where the pirates port, you know their backers, and you know where their supply lines are. You have the most accurate, swift and powerful Navy in the history of the world at your disposal, and you have a bunch of uneducated thugs in Boston Whalers taking over oil tankers. Really Barry, really? Whatever cowardly, legalese, pseudo-intellectual crap you are telling yourself to sleep at night isn't going to bring back the four Americans killed by these punks today. Neither will taking strong and appropriate action. But by taking strong and appropriate action, you may prevent the next four - or four hundred - deaths.

Whether you like it or not, wiping these insects off the face of the Earth is the only way you will stop them. Just like the Drug Cartels and Al Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood/Hezbollah/Hamas. It is a harsh truth to face, knowing that giving evil people what they want, just makes them want more. KNOWING that you could end this crap, but being afraid to offend your voter-base and your Euro-trash friends.

Catch and Release time is over, Barry. Time to go fishing with dynamite and filet some Pirates.

Peace, Love, and AARRRGH Ya Scurvy Sea-Dogs


Monday, February 21, 2011

"I Want Ludicrous Speed - NOW"

The title of tonight's blog is, of course, brought to you by Dark Helmet (Rick Moranis) in the Mel Brooks classic; Space Balls.

You want to know what is really ludicrous? I can't even get on the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Packer Page without an all-out brawl breaking out over the budget-battle. Every blog post and article that allows for comments breaks-down into "Union vs. Union-Buster" BS. The funny thing is, not one of those morons has any idea what they're talking about.

Even Charles Woodson is putting his $.02 worth in... He stands by "Working Families". Really C-Dub? Mine too, or just union families? Here's the thing Chuck; STFU, your union makes even the UAW look like a bunch of Guatemalan sweatshop workers. I love you as a DB, but keep your face SHUT when it comes to real "Working Families". Come live off of a few of my paychecks for a year, then live like a unionized state employee from Wisconsin or Illinois, then go back to playing a game for millions. I can guarantee you whose shoes you WON'T wanna stay in for long.

I just wanted to see if Jenkins got a deal, or if Daryn College got the boot yet, but no, I get yahoos who think they're Hannity & Colmes. I get it, it is a big thing. But someone has to realize that the people who made it this big are the people who stand to gain the most from it being this big; Union heads. BTW, all you "poor" teachers & state workers - what your masters are worried about is you having to choose to be in the union and write your own checks for union dues, instead of having them automatically withdrawn. They could care less about you or your collective bargaining "rights".

It sucks that a bunch of self-important, over-compensated whiners have sucked the life out of what should be (NFL/NFLPA negotiations not-withstanding) the best Packers off-season in 14 years.

Those of you who are proclaiming Gov. Walker as the greatest thing ever - Get a clue, how was his track record in County politics? All you Obamaniacs who think Walker is the next Adolf Hitler; would you like a side order of psycho with your melodrama? And any of you who do it on the Packers Blog at JSOnline -


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Awwww... I'm Sooorrrry

So you say someone wants to pluck a few feathers from your Golden Goose, huh? I'm Sorry.

Back home in Wisconsin, the new Governor wants to pass a budget that would increase the amount unionized state workers have to contribute to their health plans and retirements. It would also limit the scope of collective bargaining for those employees and teachers. NOT eliminate, as Katie and Brian would have you believe, limit.

Yet, somehow, union reps from various unions - NOT AFFECTED by this plan - have these state workers convinced that they will be teaching and working in sweatshops and unstable coal mines for 27 cents an hour, if this budget passes. My big brother pointed out, much more calmly than I could, that this is about more than ANYONE thinks it is. Union heads everywhere are throwing hyperbole around like T-Shirts at a minor league hockey game. Their hyperbolic statements are fallacy to cover more fallacy.

I'll let big Bro' explain all that. As you know, I come from the other side of the coin. I wanna talk about the lies, the over-dramatism, the crap that is a little more personal. I wanna take your BS arguements, and tear them to shreds, and rub your nose in 'em.

1. There is no such thing as a RIGHT to collective bargaining. That is something your union masters and college professors have fed you like sheep, and you took it all. Collective bargaining is a concept, agreed upon by two entities, it is put in the form of a contract, and usually is abided by on both sides... Except for all you teachers who are protesting in The Peoples' Republic of Madison. You are currently in breach of contract. There are laws that govern the collective bargaining process - once an agreement is reached - but NOTHING that says its your RIGHT. If there were, we'd ALL have to be unionized just like France... Ask them how thats workin' out.

2. Is it possible that Gov. Walker just wants to save the state some money? Not according to the unions. Oh no, he's union busting... Has to be. Haven't we been hearing that shit since at least Nixon? The last time anything close to union-busting happened, it became more affordable for EVERYONE to fly... Wierd, how could that possibly be..? You assume, because Walker has (R) next to his name, that he is union-busting. Because that's what your masters told you to assume. Will this measure save the State of Wisconsin money? Yes. Guess what? That makes it a BUDGET issue... At least on one end. On the other, it is a matter of control.

3. So you only make 50K a year, to work 3/4 of the year; and have the best three months of the year off; and would still have a guaranteed retirement 94.2% funded by taxpayers; and still have health insurance 87.4% paid for by taxpayers if this budget passes? AWWWWW... I'm sooorrry. Let's see. I make less than 38K a year, to work the WHOLE year, I have to pay for 50% of my health insurance, and if I could afford to put money in a 401k, I would still have to fund 97% of my NON-GUARANTEED retirement... If my boss can still afford to match 3%. Unfortunately, too much of my money goes to pay spoiled brats like you your Cadillac benefits packages... Hey does Obama tax you on those..? Didn't think so. BTW, I fix aircraft parts for a living, so if I'm wrong, people die. If you're wrong, our educational system suc... Oh, sorry.

4. Boy, when you dupes voted for Mr. Hopey Changey, and he said "We all have to make sacrifices..." I'll bet you thought he only meant rich people and conservatives, didn't ya? I'll bet it was OK when it didn't mean you had to sacrifice, huh? I'm sorry, the funding for your Utopia has dried up. The funny thing is, you freaks act like its the end of the world to have to not even come close to being in the private sectors' shoes. We don't get to bargain shit; I haven't had a raise for two years, and it'll probably be three; our insurance keeps getting more costly for less coverage; and I will probably have to work 'til I fucking DIE. Collectively bargain that.

It almost makes me glad I moved to the Flatlands, but we have more and bigger problems here than I can mention in one blog.

Illinois = $8 billion in the hole
Wisconsin = $135 million...

Peace, Love, and Get over yourselves you greedy, whining little Bitches


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So Much for "Peaceful Protest"

SO, Friday night (Feb. 11), CBS News reporter and Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent, Lara Logan was physically and sexually assaulted in Tahrir Square during Egypt's little celebration of Hosni Mubarek stepping down. Lest you think this is an isolated "She's a cute Western reporter" incident, it was actually one of over 140 attacks on reporters covering the protests in Cairo. 140 in 18 days... Now, when you figure in the fact that the first days of the protest were extremely peaceful, I'd say we're looking at 10 assaults PER DAY over the last two weeks of the demonstrations. Including what CBS News calls a "brutal" attack on Logan.

As much as I dislike the mainstream media, I like Lara Logan. Not just because she's attractive, because she goes where many of her male colleagues fear to tread, and gets WHOLE stories, not just the parts Katie wants you to see. We've seen her in Iraq and Afghanistan telling the stories of everyone from Marine Expeditionary Units to Tribal Elders to Afghan women getting their first chance at an education. And yet, after trudging down IED packed roads with soldiers, and climbing to mountain-top villages in war-torn countries, her most dangerous assignment comes at a supposedly peaceful protest, in a country that hasn't been at war since the '70s.

Cooper Anderson from CNN was also attacked, but not to the same degree. Even Middle-Eastern reporters weren't safe, one team was told,  "We're going to behead you" by their temporary captors. The reporter's knowledge of local dialects and traditions, and his kindness toward an elderly man on the street were the only things that saved him and his team from the blade.

Here are three things I hope:

1. The Muslim Brotherhood does not take the lead in Egypt when the dust settles.

2. We can stop calling protests where 140 attacks on foreign reporters occur, and 300 people die, "Peaceful"

3. Ms Logan has a speedy recovery and return to the field.

Peace, Love, and "Reporting live, from_______"